Places to Visit in Selcuk

There are so many things to see in and around Selcuk. There are the famous ones such as Ephesus Ancient City or House of the Mary Mother. But also there are many others that is not known by the tourists. In this page we are giving you information about the places to see in Selcuk, as well as around the area that you can go easily! We cover the most most common places to visit in and around Selcuk, as well as the hidden beauties that you can not find anywhere else!

We will also share information about the nearby cities such as İzmir, Kusadasi and Aydin. They are worth to visit and easy to reach.

Some of the famous places that all the tourists knows and goes

Ephesus Ancient City

House of Mary Mother

Sirince Village

Some of the places that only a local would know :

Cave of the Seven Sleepers

Nesin Math Village (A whole village dedicated to math and philosophy education!)

Camlik Open Air Train Museum (All kinds of old and new international trains and rail vehicles!)

Cetin Model Turkish Village Culture Museum

…and many more!