Pamukkale & Hierapolis

Pamukkale City and Travertines

Pamukkale city name means ‘Cotton Castle in Turkish, you will understand why when you see this magical natural masterpiece. Forming over hundreds of thousands of years, the travertine pools cascade down the hillside, and have been visited by many famous people. The natural water here is considered to possess healing qualities, visitors can enter the pools. It is now listed as a World Heritage Site.

Since it is only about 3.5 hours away from our Selcuk hotel by bus. There are many people doing day trips to Pamukkale and the travel agencies are organizing daily trips to this ancient beauty. If you’re interested in having a day trip, we can help you organize it easily.

Hierapolis Ancient City

Pamukkale travertines and the ancient city of Hierapolis are just next to each other. Hierapolis, the “Sacred City,” is at present-day Pamukkale in south-central Turkey. Perched above the travertines of Pamukkale sit the Ancient ruined city of Hierapolis. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there is not a lot known about its origin. Pamukkale’s hot springs gave this city life, as people had been curing their ailments in the ‘spa’ since the 2nd Century BC. Situated onsite is a large Necropolis filled with Sarcophagi, including that os the great Marcus Aurelius Ammianos. More info on Hierapolis.

Pamukkale & Hierapolis Ancient City

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